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Arrows, W/A/S/D: Turn, move forward/backwardQ/E or Space+Left/Right or Space+A/D: Strafe left/rightShift: Turn 180 degrees (quick turn)Tab, F6 or Page Up (depends on browser): Switch to fullscreen mode.Left mouse button: Interact. Use the mouse to aim on the screen and move the cursor over the items. The cursor changes depending on what will be performed if you click:Arrow – You cannot interact with the itemHand – Pick up the item, or open the doorAim circle – Attack the monster with a fireballCrossed circle – Currently you cannot interact with the item.


This is Rombo, my first person action/shooting game. In Rombo you control an apprentice who was given a task to restore the magic Rombo from the hands of the evil mage. The story is as follows:

You are the apprentice of the great Wizard, sent in the unholy lands to recover the Black Rombo from the hands of the evil mage’s castle. In your journey through the lands, you’ll encounter several creatures in evil mage’s service. Do not think twice before sending them to meet their creator; these are damned souls, lost forever in the realm from where the evil mage came and transformed an once healthy place to a dead zone where only the darkest entities enter.

This isn’t only your test to prove yourself worthy of the great Wizard’s trust, but also the beginning of a great quest to restore the scourged land to its former status.

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