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Cursed Treasure 2


Use left mouse button.


Why be good when you can be bad? Cursed Treasure 2 is an addictive and strategic tower defense game where the forces of evil are at your command. Stop annoying do-gooders from carrying off your magical gems by building towers of demons, orcs, and the undead to unleash a variety of devastatingly dastardly effects.

The latest installment of the tower defense game is now available the Android devices! Go up against paladins, ninjas, angels and more, all with their own unique special skills, and keep them from carting off your treasure in each level. Earn skill points to upgrade your abilities, unlock potent magical spells, and much more. They say nice guys finish last... that's only because they're going up against you, your Evilness.


· Hours of gameplay, including Night Mode - where the darkness is against you!
· 24 levels to spread dismay and panic
· Variety of towers that evolve from 3 basic types as the Evil gets stronger
· 30 mighty skills to learn and master
· 50 badges - must-have for any evil Overlord
· Evilopedia, also known as The Book Of Forbidden Knowledge, is included
· A special guest - Black Market Goblin - offers you powerful spells The long-awaited sequel to Cursed Treasure is finally there! Defend your gems against enemies, champions, and bosses by building your towers strategically.

Release Date

The game was initially released as a Flash game in August 2013. The remastered (HTML5) version has been available since October 2019.


Cursed Treasure 2 was made by IriySoft.

Also Known As

Cursed Treasure 2: Hey! Heroes! Leave Us Gems Alone!




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