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Move your mouse to control the movement.


Crowd City or CrowdCity.io is a new multiplayer game that stands out among countless similar titles thanks to its unique gameplay mechanics.

How To Play?
Strive to dominate the city in the cool Crowd City game. This awesome online game is all about gaining the biggest crowd in town. Start the game controlling a single character. The aim is to gain power by converting followers to your cause. Simply move the character towards neutral (grey) people and watch them turn color and become part of your crowd - easy.
As far as multiplayer games go, Crowd City is so much fun as it brings multiplayer action that is easy to play. Strive for the conquest of the city against other players from around the world. The 3D games have cool graphics and last for a set time period. The winner is the person who controls the largest crowd at the end of the time limit.
Watch out for other players as they can assimilate your crowd and eliminate you from the round. It is only possible to conquer other players and take their crowd if you already have a larger following. For example, if player 1 had 250 followers, and player 2 had 245; player 1 could conquer player two and take all 245 of their crowd. Try and rule as the champion of the city and create the coolest crowd today.



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